What Type of Apps Make The Most Money?

Wondering which apps make the most money? Read to find out

Businesses get apps designed to attract a wider audience. Other businesses have made apps the primary touchpoint for all activities such as sale, promotion, inquiry, and so on. At present, there are millions of apps available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. A lot of money goes into the development and maintenance of apps. So, how these apps survive?

Apps survive by making money, obviously. This is done in the following ways:

  1. In-app advertising: Paid links, in-app banners, etc.
  2. In-app purchases: Apps keep some features locked and the users get to unlock them in place of small charge applicable to the action.
  3. Subscription: Some apps make it clear that downloading the app is absolutely free. However, to use the app, the users have to pay a subscription amount.

Based on these ways of generating revenue and the data available, listed here are some of the topmost apps that are minting money, literally.

  • Spotify
  • Facebook
  • Pokémon Go
  • Hulu
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Sing! Karaoke
  • Amazon Shopping
  • Candy Crush Saga, and so on.

All these apps have identified a user need and provided the exact solution for it with unmatched immediacy. Secondly, these apps have something to attract a humongous audience. Most importantly, these can create an unrivaled customer experience by achieving appreciable user engagement.

Speaking in terms of the type of business, one can find these apps to be the front face of industries like:

  1. Music – The world thrives on music. Giving all people a platform to sing, record, and share is an idea that certainly sold like a hot cake for Sing! Karaoke. Also, Spotify users love the app for the convenience of finding any type of music of their choice just a click apart. A small subscription giving loads of entertainment certainly sounds no harm to the end-users.
  2. Games – Some surveys reveal that people are playing games everywhere, even in toilets and at offices. Catering to such loyal users does not require putting much effort in raising funds from them. Pokémon Go does it by offering user experience as coins which have to be purchased. Rovio followed the way of selling merchandise through the app.
  3. Social Media – The whole world is waking up with social media and going to sleep too only after officiating it on their accounts. Thus, businesses see this as a potential platform for publicity and advertisements and use it for posting advertisements, influencer marketing, etc.
  4. Entertainment – Watching movies and TV series at the time and place of choice is a convenience no user is going to deny. Netflix offers unlimited hours of entertainment for a subscription fee.
  5. General use – Apps that provide access to news, traffic conditions, lifestyle trends, fitness tips, and so on.

So, listen to the audience around, pick questions they are asking most of the time, and provide a solution that makes users’ lives easier. To get better revenue, you can play safe by conceiving business ideas by basing it on any of the genres mentioned above.