Keep Visitors On Your Website By Fixing These 5 Crucial Mistakes

Keep Visitors On Your Website By Fixing These 5 Crucial Mistakes

The key to a successful website lies in its ability to retain its audience. In this day and age, anyone can build a website and populate it with interesting blog content, but that alone isn’t enough to convert visitors into leads. The most important indication that your website is doing well is its bounce rate. A quick look at your Google Analytics dashboard will reveal your bounce rate percentage and if it’s anything above 70 then you have a problem. There are many reasons why your website isn’t converting visitors into leads but they all boil down to these crucial mistakes.

Your site speed is slow

Our attention spans are getting shorter which means websites need to be fast enough to capture those few precious seconds we give it before moving on. A slow site can be the result of large images, bad hosting, or cache. Whatever it is, if your website is slow, make increasing its speed your top priority.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices

Most people browse with their mobile phones and if your website isn’t optimized for it then you’re missing out on your biggest pool of clientele. Mobile optimization is important for your visitors and for a good Google ranking. You can check your website’s mobile speed with a quick search on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Your design doesn’t make sense An effective and attractive design is key to developing trust with your visitors. A well designed and responsive website helps guide them around your site and lead them to the right place. An outdated design also has the effect of turning visitors away so make sure you keep up with trends and know what’s in and what’s not.

Your ads are getting in the way

If you’re interested in converting visitors into leads then you’re probably interested in making a buck or two out of it. Ads are the easiest way to do so but don’t let that get in the way of a clean and easy browsing experience. Design your site so that ads sit comfortably and subtly within your page and aren’t an eye-sore for visitors.

Your content isn’t clear

Once you figure out all of the above, it’s time to focus on creating some engaging content for your site. Good content is key but so is good formatting as well. Make sure you use subheadings and bullet points to break your text up and try to keep your thoughts concise and clear to get your message across effectively.